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RISIS – Training activities

RISIS sets out to make available research infrastructures for the assessment of science, technology and innovation policy.
In order to improve access and use of the various facilities, RISIS will organize, in relation with facility operators, training activities that introduce researchers (especially early career ones) to the use of the data for answering research questions and at the same time prepare them in a technical sense. Resources will be made available for training activities, in total some 30 training courses are anticipated over the course of the project.

Goals and added value

Raising the research skills needed for using large data

RISIS training aims at raising the research skills needed for using large data sets and developing indicators, offering general introductions to the features of the RISIS facilities and focusing on indicators and data handling.

Transferring knowledge about potentialities of RISIS facilities

Training will highlight the opportunities for the end-users, displaying several mode of exploitation of the RISIS datasets (for instance, application of statistic and econometric analysis and use of scientometric tools).

Supplying evidence of the impact of RISIS on the scholars' community

Training will be generally associated with the use of one or more datasets, which are shared by RISIS partners and will focus on mobilization of data and indicators for policy analysis and research policy purposes.

For more information see http://tools.ceris.cnr.it/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=8.

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