European Network of Indicators Designers (ENID) is an association ruled by the French law of the 1st July 1901 and its application decree of the 16 August 1901.

Its organization is laid out in its statutes.

The main bodies of ENID are the General Assembly, which includes all ENID members. The general assembly meets at least once per year. Decisions are to be taken by the majority of the members present or represented.

ENID is chaired by a president who is assisted by the ENID board, the secretary and the treasurer. The president, the secretary and the treasurer are ex-officio members of the ENID board.

ENID president

  • Prof. Jesper Schneider, CFA – Aarhus University, Denmark

Members of the ENID board

  • Prof. Dag Aksnes, NIFU, Oslo, Norway
  • Dr. Clara Calero, CWTS, Leiden, The Netherlands
  • Dr. Gemma Derrick, University of Lancaster, United Kingdom
  • Dr. Abdullah Gök, Strathclyde Business School, United Kingdom
  • Dr. Martina Neuländtner, Austrian Institute of Technology, Vienna, Austria
  • Dr. Andrew Plume, International Center for the Study of Research, Elsevier, The Netherlands
  • Prof. Bart Thijs, KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium
  • Dr. Fabiana Visentin, MERIT, Maastricht, The Netherlands
  • Dr. Antonio Zinilli, CNR-IRCrES, Rome, Italy

ENID treasurer

  • Prof. Nicolas Carayol, University Bordeaux, France

ENID secretary

  • Dr. Sybille Hinze, Berlin University Alliance, Germany
    Kleine Präsidentenstr. 1
    10178 Berlin